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I Followed Up With Chelsoft Solutions Co. and Here’s What They’re Up To

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

A few years ago I had a crazy idea to visit some awesome companies in Omaha. It was so eye-opening that I wanted to do this again- except elsewhere.

I knew amazing companies weren’t limited to Omaha so the next obvious bigger city was Kansas City. Not being a resident or native, I had to do extensive research on Glassdoor among other resources. This meant tediously reading each review to verify authenticity- both good and bad. I narrowed down the list and had another opportunity to visit with 5 amazing companies in Kansas City.

It was during this time that I got to know and meet the people behind Chelsoft Solutions Co.. They’re the kind of company that can fly under the radar, but I immediately took note of their consistent, positive reviews on Glassdoor. After visiting all the companies and finishing the reviews I didn’t keep in touch with any of the companies other than liking posts here and there on Linkedin.

Then a few months ago the owners of Chelsoft, SaiPranathi and Kiran, reached out to me again to see if I would be willing to do a highlight piece to commemorate their upcoming 10 year anniversary. They had reached a milestone that many businesses never achieve so they wanted help to tell their story.

This was an opportunity to tell the story of an American dream to which I gladly obliged.

Chelsoft Beginnings

Upon first glance you would think that Kiran Chelluri was the face of Chelsoft. But it was his wife, SaiPranathi Ivaturi, who actually started the company and he’s proud to tell you so. The IT industry has a high concentration of male leadership which also provided a rare chance for a woman-owned company to stake claim.

SaiPranathi, Chief Business Officer at Chelsoft solutions company, had been in IT for over a decade and was comfortably heading up the corporate ladder in her career. She had the choice to continue down this predictable, comfortable path or take the risk to start her own company. She chose the latter. Partly because she saw a need in the market for specialized IT services, but moreover, an opportunity to empower women in the tech space.

From the start she wanted to position her IT consulting company differently. This meant a higher focus on employees and their well-being, competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, more emphasis on both technical and soft skills, and a higher rate of immigration approval. Paired with strong leadership, Chelsoft has grown year after year despite economic challenges. Such as Covid-19.

Which brings me to my next point.

The worldwide pandemic has presented both opportunities and challenges to the company. On one hand, IT was probably the most agile industry when it came to transitioning to remote work. On the other hand, certain employee placements were completely nixed because of hard-hit industries such as travel and hospitality. Usually challenges bring you to a fork in the road and you have two options to move forward.

  1. Look towards self preservation by cutting costs

  2. Look towards others and seeing where you can give

SaiPranathi proved that the way forward was to give back. They found ways to cut costs internally while still doing their best to preserve jobs. This meant decreased profits and increased resourcefulness. Even still, they continued to give back to charitable causes that were harder hit by the pandemic.

Chelsoft Going Forward

As the world continues to evolve, Chelsoft is positioning themselves for the next wave of internet technology. This means beefing up their workforce training to be ready for AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Automation, and more. This also means upgrading internal hardware and systems to serve bigger and far-reaching clients.

Others have taken notice, too. Chelsoft Solutions Co. has been recognized in several places including:

But perhaps the most notable thing isn’t the accolades (although they are nice!). They recognize that these accomplishments could not have been achieved without their incredible team.

Their vision to “Help People Lead Happy Families” has been the leading force behind the business decisions that have made them so successful. As both Kiran and Saipranthi model a strong work ethic for their kids, Suhas and Naga Krittika, they will continually reflect back on their company vision to pave the way ahead.

Written by CAM VACEK

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